Juan and Nico both come from the South of the Netherlands, have the same age, and started playing drums at the age of ten. But they never met until 2014.

Juan is a professional musician and producer. He played with Walter Trout, Steve Lukather, Snowy White and many others. In 2014 Juan released his first solo album. Nico is a semi-professional drummer and until recently concentrated mainly on a business career with his own international online video company.

When Juan and Nico met in 2014 they quickly discovered their match in their passion for music and sharing their experience and skills. So they decided to combine their capabilities by starting Music-Clinics.com.

Music-Clinics.com offers online and interactive clinics from the world’s leading musicians, so not ONLY drummers! Although 99% of our clinics are online, attendees have a personal experience by using high quality audio and video, the latest online technology and our dedication to music and the community of musicians that are enjoying their gift to entertain their audience, fans and fellow musicians.