Francesco Lucidi & Simran Singh Ghalley -  The magic of drums and tabla in rock music


Date: 20 August 2017

Musicians: Francesco Lucidi      

                    Simran Singh Ghalley 

Instrument: Drums & Tabla


Simran and Francesco will demonstrate how they compose their rhythms to create their uniquely woven final product and how the characteristics of their instruments and their playing influences the feel of the songs they play with their fellow musicians.


Francesco Lucidi (drums) and Simran Singh Ghalley (tabla) began playing together to form the rhythm section of Metal band Jurojin and again joined sticks/hands for the Anna Phoebe Band who’s music spans genres, including rock, folk, jazz, Celtic, South Asian and Middle Eastern music.

They have now joined forces performing as a 2 piece rhythmic duo demonstrating live what it takes to create the delicate balance we hear through our speakers in their music. We can say we have a rare combination of instruments and musical genres in this clinic.